At BeanLab, we like to think of ourselves as so much more than just accountants. We’re your very own full-service financial advisory team, and we’re excited to help you stay accountable, reach your goals, and make the most of your money!

Why we do what we do

Helping people achieve financial success gets us out of bed in the morning. Our services and practices are important in securing your fiscal success, be it in business or with your family, but the greatest value we offer our clients is peace of mind. This goes beyond simply providing tips and strategies, and gives you personal financial confidence. It’s this confidence and passion that motivates us, and it’s our most important service for you.

Who We Are

Managing your financial information doesn’t have to be stressful, exhausting, or boring (we’re kind of the life of the accounting party).

Our team has served hundreds of clients over the years, growing from simple accounting services into educating clients on what their financials are really telling them about the health and direction of their business or personal funds.

Our successful track record and energetic attitude towards finance makes working with BeanLab an all around productive and positive experience.

We’re excited to provide a partnership that goes beyond just accounting. We treat your business as if its our own and try our best to bring an energetic approach to helping you achieve your goals. We’ll work alongside you to help take care of everything from accounting to taxes, so you can focus on what’s most important to you: building a profitable business that grows efficiently and has fun doing it!


Every financial decision you make has the potential to impact your loved ones, and this especially applies to taxes. Let us partner with you in order to better understand everything from tax deductions to tax refunds, so you can file with confidence.


Our payroll services help your employees stay happy and you stay compliant. With us, you don’t have to worry about internal issues. We’ll be with you every step of the way when it comes to hard conversations and getting your employees paid!


Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that nothing is going to waste. We partner with your business to help cut costs, improve efficiency, develop metrics, and make sure you’re not missing any opportunities.


With years of experience and the ability to understand your unique financial circumstances, we can come alongside you with tips, tools, and expert advisory that’ll help better position you for success.

Our Core Values

•  Excellence
Doing everything we do to the best of our ability. We treat each client’s business as if it was our own, with commitment and passion.

•  Stewardship
Good stewardship is making the best use of one’s resources. This begins with having clarity about the business’ state and trajectory and leads to well-informed decisions.

•  Integrity
We are committed to consistently and intentionally conducting our work with accuracy and honesty, recognizing the impact our business has on others.

•  Collaboration
Collaboration brings together exceptional professionals to accomplish collective goals. We value collaboration within our own team and with our clients.

•  Communication
Taking the time to listen and proactively provide information empowers both our own team as well as our clients.

•  Fun
Taking our client’s financial needs seriously and having fun along the way helps shape a fulfilling work environment.

Industries Served

• Agencies

• Real Estate

• Chiropractic

• E-Commerce

• Dental

• Construction

• Optometry

• Consultants

•Professional Services

• And Many More