About Us

Over the years the team here at BeanLab has served hundreds of businesses and their owners.  Early on, we provided accounting, tax and payroll services to help business owners focus their time and energy on what they do best.  In time we have come to realize that we are in a unique position to bring even more value to our clients by educating them on what their financials are actually telling them about the health and trajectory of their business.

We knew our clients desired to pursue their passion with excellence, that they hoped for greater freedom and flexibility, and were striving for some level of balanced lifestyle. Upon recognizing that, we made the decision to expand our relationship and bring an advisory mindset to the services that we were performing.  This allows us to provide valuable information, leading to healthy business decisions which foster excellence, freedom, and balance.  We provide our services to be a strong support to our business owners to allow them to focus on what they love.